The HESCH multifunction controller – one for all!

The HESCH multifunction controller is the alternative to the expensive SPC! Process engineers are able to create process controls including automatic control technology, without programming skills! The multifunction controller supports you for example in the complete chain of thermal processes, from cooling device to melting oven. The multifunction unit can be used in process computers, pump controls as well as in many different process cycles.

The multifunction device is configured with the corresponding software (EasyTool MFC) and is thus individually adapted to your needs and requirements. Learn more about the functionalities here: EasyTool MFC

Reduce costs and preserve your know-how!

With the HESCH multifunction controller, each process engineer is able to create , optimize and control complex process controls very quickly by himself. Foster your internal know-how instead of making it transparent to SPC programmers and even pay for that!

The common way with Individual solutions for temperature controls and process controls always lead to stored program controls, also called SPC, until now. With the multifunction controller, this belongs to the past!

Old way:

The disadvantage of this old-fashioned way is not just the high asset costs for the SPC itself. Even worse is that your process engineer needs an SPC programmer for every little modification. At an average daily rate of 800 euros, very high costs may arise! Trained SPC programmers usually do not have the required process skills. Thus, the process engineer has to explain the process in detail to the external programmer andrevealsyour internal know-how to strangers. The programming always requires a complex evaluation of the process control, because external programming always leads to communication losses between process engineer and programmer. Even after successful implementation, an SPC programmer must be involved for the slightest modification!

The solution:

The HESCH multifunction controller stops such cost drivers and enables your process engineers to create their desired processeswithout the necessity of programming skills. Thus, your processes can be adapted, optimized and further developed at any time no costs involved!

The fields of application for the HESCH multifunction controller:

One multifunction controller – numerous fields of application:

  • Process computers
  • System control
  • Pump controls
  • Metering control
  • Vessel controls
  • Foundries
  • Cooling devices
  • Pulse burner
  • Melting controls
  • Climate controls
  • Flow type furnaces
  • Heat-treatment departments
  • Tube furnaces
  • Drum melting furnaces
  • Chamber furnaces
  • Ventilation furnaces
  • Box furnaces
  • Roller furnaces
  • Shaft furnaces … and many more

The application examples for the HESCH multifunction controller listed above, represent only a few possible fields of application! There a numerous ranges of use in all industrial fields!

From food manufacturing (heating up a batch with subsequent cooling off) to thermal treatment, there are endless auxiliary processes that are each so different, that their process control could not be imaged by just one controller so far. The HESCH multifunction controller is the solution for every application in the field of industrial (thermal) processes with process control! It is equipped with the suitable function block libraries for (almost) all processes and requirements. The function block libraries enable the process engineer to image processes uncomplicated and optimally.

The tool for your process engineers – and here is how it works:

Your process engineers think in function blocks – so does the HESCH multifunction controller! With the HESCH multifunction controller, your process engineer can image complex processes intuitively, quickly and entirely without programming skills!

So far, there was no device in the market which enabled your process engineer to implement a complex process control according to his way of thinking in function blocks and easily implement into the controller. This is where the HESCH multifunction controller comes into play!

Split into different function libraries, the suitable function blocks are made available to the process engineer. They can be arranged easily via Drag & Drop to the desired process. Programming skills are not necessary.

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