The new version of the application software EasyTool MFC is online.

This is new from version 1.4 onwards:

The “View” menu has been expanded to include a few new features.



Via the “View – Data logger” menu, the log data stored on the device can be loaded to the EasyTool MFC and stored on the computer as a *.csv file. This allows you to secure your process data locally and show and analyze it clearly in table form.

Loading data from device
Fig. 3: Loading data from device
Data-Logger View
Fig. 4: Display of the selected log files in EasyTool MFC

Block search

Larger and complex projects may become confusing. The View – Block Search menu can be used to call up a window that displays in a tree structure all the blocks used in the project. The “Filter” input box can be used to search blocks via their type or name. This is then displayed in the function plan by clicking on a block entry. This makes it easier to locate function blocks.

Display of all used function blocks
Fig. 5: Display of all used function blocks in the block search
Fig. 6: Block search with activated filter

Cross references

The menu View – Cross reference calls up a window that shows all sources with their assigned sinks as well as HMI variables with their assigned controls. By clicking on an item, EasyTool jumps in the function plan or in the screen editor to the position of the item. To recognize it quickly, the selected item is marked blue. Alternatively, the window cross reference can also be accessed via a context menu of the variables in the function plan or screen editor. In this case, only the corresponding item in the list is displayed (see figure 10) The jump on the item via mouseclick is done as described.

Fig. 7: Displays all sources with the assigned sinks, as well as all HMI variables with the assigned controls
Fig. 8: Selection of cross reference (block is marked blue)
Fig. 9: Context menu displayed via right mouse click
Fig. 10: Display of the cross references of the selected block