Here, you will find answers to frequently asked questions about the multifunction controller and the software EasyTool MFC.

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  • 1. Is the coupler HPR bus the HE 5850 feeding module?

    Yes The HPR bus coupler HE 5850 provides the HIMOD system with an HPR Bus Interface.

  • 2. How many program steps can the program controller execute?

    The Programmer can run 20 Programs with 60 Segments each (Program steps).

  • 3. Where do I find the demo project?

    In the installation path of the EasyTool MFC Software there is a folder "Examples." The demo project can be found in this folder.
    Example: C:Program Files (x86)EasyTool MFC-1.2 SR3Examples



    There is also a short description as pdf for this project. It can be found in the folder too.

  • 4. Can I use own graphics and pictures for creating my EasyTool MFC projects?

    Yes. Own pictures, such as e.g. buttons, symbols or process graphics can be imported via the HMI parameters in the menu "Screen". A detailed description can be found in the EasyTool MFC operating instruction in chapter 6.5.2, page 37.

  • 5. How do I change the processing sequence of function blocks?

    To change the sequence, the function "Sequence" (Menu Edit Sequence) must be enabled.
    The sequence is displayed by the numbering (orange number).


    The first sequence number (block), which is selected after activation, becomes number one. Editing the sequence can be ended by clicking on the function "Sequence" once again.
    The sequence is determined separetely for the main editor and all structures. Of course the structure blocks receive a sequence number as well.
    If the sequence is not determined, the blocks are numbered according to the order of their placement.

  • 6. I cannot find certain blocks / functions in my project anymore.

    Larger and complex projects may become confusing. The menu "View – Block Search" can be used to call up a window that displays in a tree structure all the blocks used in the project. The input box "Filter" can be used to search for blocks via their type or name. By clickling on a block entry, the block is displayed in the function plan. Thus, function blocks can be located easier. This function is integrated from version 1.4.
    Block search explained in pictures: https://www.multifunktionscontroller.de/easytool-mfc-1-4/

  • 7. Is the software "SmartControl" necessary for operating HIMOD modules in combination with the MFC? Or is EasyTool MFC sufficient?

    EasyTool MFC is able to implement and parameterise HIMOD modules. The HIMOD Ethernet coupler is an exception. It requires its own IP address, which can only be set via SmartControl.

  • 8. What are data sources and data sinks and how do I use them?

    Within an application, it occurs that the connection of blocks is not possible due to long lines or due to impaired readability of the application. In this case, there are connection blocks (data sources and data sinks). The required blocks are available in the library "Variables" and differ in data type (analog/Digital), source and sink.

    Data sources-Data sinks

    The blocks can be placed, wired and renamed like function blocks. The following figure shows an example of how the connection is established without a direct connection line with source and sink. The example is of course nonsensical, but is intended to illustrate the principle of how a variable can be "transported" without a connecting line.


    Sources and sinks can be used within an editor window as well as between any structure blocks.

  • 9. How can process data be logged in the device and afterwards be read out and viewed?

    For data recording, the function blocks LOGFILE, ALOGDATA and DLOGDATA are available In the library with additional functions. By means of these function blocks data can be stored on the internal memory. For later evaluation, the files can be downloaded from the device via an FTP client

  • 1. What is the expected lifetime in operating hours of the MFC display?

    Usually, you only look at the Backlight here. The ' Lifespan ' for the Display is 20,000 hours. Within this Lifetime, the Brightness of the Backlight can be reduced to up to 50 %

  • 2. Can I expand my multifunction controller with a second I/O card, if my process requires it?

    For Retrofitting, submission to the factory is recommended, as this only preserves the warranty and ensures a flawless function.

  • 3. How large is the MFC display?

    The MFC's Display has a Screen Diagonal of 3.5 " and a Resolution of 320 × 240 Pixels QVGA.

  • 4. How many extensions are possible with the HIMOD modules?

    Via Ethernet the extension is unlimited An external extension is possible via an HPR bus

  • 5. Where do I find the device driver for the MFC and how do I install it?

    The driver is part of the EasyTool MFC software and can be found in the folder „rndis“ of the installation path. The driver installation is also described in the EasyTool MFC operating instruction. You find the description here.

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