08/2016 Further development for more connectivity

Further developments for more connectivity and ergonomics

HESCH has added a version with PROFINET connection to the decentral, modular process I/O system HIMOD. Thus, the automation specialist expands the connectivity and fields of applications of the popular model series. The new version 1.4 of the application software EasyTool MFC as well as new innovative functionalities that facilitate the developer´s daily routine. The HESCH I/O system HIMOD is most frequently used in process control and regulation. The highly intelligent and modular devices are used in the most diverse ranges of application, such as ovens, burners, dryers and climatic chambers. Here, they are used for temperature measurement, determination of humidity or CO 2 value analysis. The HIMOD system captures precise measuring values, which is most important for a reliable threshold value control and regulation in process industry. Furthermore, the multi-channel I/O modules are capable to preprocess signals for relieving the system control.


HIMOD HE 5814-2

HIMOD modules with PROFINET I/O interface.

HESCH offers the HIMOD system in several versions supporting different communication standards. With the newly implemented version HE 5814-2, the I/O module supports the established PROFINET-I/O standard (Class A) for the first time. Furthermore, the device has an Ethernet 10/1000 BaseT interface according to IEEE 802.3 via port 502. The HIMOD modules can also be easily combined with the new HESCH multifunction controller. Thus, the manufacturer offers a complete system from a single source whose elements can be perfectly combined to meet customer-specific requirements.

EasyTool MFC 1.4 with new ergonomical functions

The HESCH multifunction controller MFC is a cost-effective alternative to the often overdimensioned PLC. The controller is suitable for e.g. freezers, melting or holding furnaces as well as for pump control. Unlike conventional process controllers, the MFC can also control complex processes in the process industry. HESCH offers the free EasyTool MFC program for configuration and application creation on the PC. The support of an external PLC programmer and the associated transfer of process internals are not required, since the user can put together his own sequence control and process control based on the wiring concept – without any programming knowledge. In order to make the software even more functional and easier to operate, HESCH has published now the new version 1.4 of EasyTool MFC. Basically it has three new, helpful functions. With the Data Logger, log data stored on the device can be loaded into EasyTool MFC and saved on the PC as a CSV file. Process data can be saved locally as well as overviewed and analyzed in tabular form. Larger and more complex projects may become confusing. The new block search now displays all blocks used in the project in a clear tree structure. They can also be searched by type or name. The function cross-references displays all sources with their associated sinks and HMI variables with their associated controls. A mouse click on an element leads the user directly to the position of the element in the function plan or in the editor.   Link: This is new from EasyTool MFC version 1.4: https://www.multifunktionscontroller.de/easytool-mfc-1-4/ Download Pressemitteilung: HESCH_PM_Weiterentwicklungen

03/2016 Neues vom Multifunktionscontroller

Advanced support for process engineers

The flexible HESCH multifunction controller is an intelligent controller which is used in almost all industrial fields. The controlller is now available as 24 VDC version and as starter kit in a handy suitcase. The multifunction controller is suitable for freezers, melting or holding furnaces, as process computer or in pump control systems.. Unlike conventional controllers, it can even control complex processes in the process industry. The new controller thus closes the gap between a standard controller and an often overdimensioned PLC. The starter set now available, includes a multifunction controller with a communication card for Ethernet and RS485 as well as an I/O card with numerous analog and digital inputs and outputs.. The suitcase also includes a USB connection cable, a USB stick with EasyTool MFC PC software and a USB dongle with license for transferring data from the PC to the controller. The configuration and application creation on the PC is as easy as plugging toy building blocks together thanks to the tool with its versatile function block library and the familiar “drag and drop” function. The support of an external PLC programmer and the associated transfer of process internals are not required, since the user can put together his own sequence control and process control based on the wiring concept – without any programming knowledge. This is how the multifunction controller preserves company know-how and reduces personnel and cost expenditure for the configuration of the entire system. With the simulation function, the software offers the possibility of testing the application in advance without risk. Even during commissioning, the tool supports the user with various debugging and forcing functions to ensure efficient commissioning. The Profibus communication card for the MFC will be available during the 2nd quarter of 2016.

05/2015 BEST OF Industriepreis 2015

Industry Award-BEST-OF-HESCH-Multifunction Controller

 Industry Award 2015: HESCH Multifunction Controller truly “excellent”

The HESCH multifunction controller is a major benefit for every process engineer. No wonder that the innovative controller particularly convinced the jury and was awarded “BEST OF 2015” at the industry award ceremony. “We are very pleased to receive the award and the appreciation it has brought and it confirms our user-oriented approach,” says Managing Director Werner Brandis. “We offer process engineers not only a modern controller platform for the design of their processes, but also the possibility to easily create sequence controls by themselves – without programming skills. The controller also convinced the jurors because of its user-friendly operation. “Thanks to various function block libraries, configuration is as simple as plugging toy blocks together,” Brandis continues.

Multifunction controller instead of PLC

Until now, the common way for individual solutions for temperature control and sequence control was almost inevitably via programmable logic controllers (PLCs). However, this not only causes high acquisition costs, but also requires specific programming skills. The HESCH multifunction controller closes the gap between a standard controller and an often overdimensioned PLC – this particularly economical solution has now been rewarded with the BEST OF logo. Once a year the Huber publishing company for new media awards the coveted prize to German industrial companies with high economic, social, technological and ecological benefits. 33 independent jury members consisting of professors, scientists, industry representatives and specialised journalists form the fine circle of judges. This size and constellation ensures an objective evaluation to determine the most advanced solutions from 2000 applicants in 14 categories.

HESCH – Automation Partner

The award-winning company develops and produces control and automation components for over 35 years and has extensive knowledge and experience in industrial network technology (fieldbus technology). Apart from an extensive range of own automation components, the special strength of HESCH is the development of customer-specific hardware and software solutions. Certificate-BEST-OF-multifunction controller-HE5697MFC   Certificate.pdf

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